Jam Chart for shows in the city of Wantagh, NY (24 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1992-07-24 YEM Wantagh, NY 17:03 French hairdo VJ.
1993-07-23 Antelope Wantagh, NY 11:46 Searing hot and extremely improvisational jamming, with several false peaks followed by gut-wrenching tension.
1994-07-15 SOAMelt Wantagh, NY 12:06 Really cool and different "SOAM" with ghoulish tension and a great section with Page out in front leading the quick tempo, rhythmic and frenzied jamming. At other points, the jamming could be fairly described as demented.
1994-07-15 Bowie Wantagh, NY 18:26 Dissonant, rhythmic "Type II" jam has a cool "Jessica" jam at 12:45 that comes out of nowhere.
1994-07-15 Reba Wantagh, NY 12:48 Cool jam with Trey slashing his way into the jam before incorporating some really cool effects. The band modulates intensity, and Trey teases "Theme from Popeye," which the band morphs into full-band playing. A bit of a fake-out into the build produces super experimental playing, but Trey muscles the version to a fiery conclusion.
1994-07-15 It's Ice Wantagh, NY 9:01 Page dominated in a great way, but with solid work by the rest, especially Fish.
1995-06-28 Foam Wantagh, NY 11:07 > in from "Axilla (Part II)." Both Page and Trey have unusually long solo sections.
1995-06-28 Tweezer Wantagh, NY 19:35 Can you !#@!!&% believe this? "Dave's Energy Guide" sandwich and a "Cannonball" jam.
1995-06-28 DEG Wantagh, NY 0:40 -> in from "Tweezer." "DEG" is sandwiched inside the "Tweezer" jam.
1995-06-28 Tweezer Wantagh, NY 10:33 -> in from "DEG" as this excellent "Tweezer" continues.
1995-06-29 SOAMelt Wantagh, NY 11:56 Seemingly played at a slower tempo, this is a creepy and spacey version with nice tension. A psychological face melter.
1995-06-29 Bowie Wantagh, NY 27:35 Extremely improvisational. Pretty much leaves "Bowie" in the dust following the composed section, only returning at the very end. A+ for exploration.
1995-06-29 YEM Wantagh, NY 24:20 AMAZING B&D SEGMENT!
2009-06-02 Possum Wantagh, NY 8:00 Sweet Page B-3 solo at the beginning of the jam, followed by Trey.
2009-06-02 KDF Wantagh, NY 7:05 Debut.
2010-08-17 BDTNL Wantagh, NY 14:14 Very good, multi-section "Type II" jam which starts off rocking, quiets down, then rebuilds with an upbeat sense.
2010-08-17 Caspian Wantagh, NY 5:20 Unique and unusual reading of the "Caspian" jam. Quality over quantity here.
2012-07-03 Sand Wantagh, NY 10:50 Each band member puts their stamp on this one in a great collective effort, which includes an "Izabella" tease. Shifts at 6:50 to allow Page to lead on the Wurlitzer as Trey lays back. Ends with staccato playing from Page, loops, and a -> into an exceptional "Golden Age."
2012-07-03 Golden Age Wantagh, NY 13:15 -> in from "Sand." There is fantastic interplay between Page and Trey throughout this jam, and Mike also does his part to punctuate the groove. Concludes with a beautiful ambient passage led by Page on the Wurlitzer. A top "GA."
2012-07-03 Antelope Wantagh, NY 11:54 Rhythmic changes, mode changes, suspensions, and melodic variation are key elements which make a version, and thus more interesting than the typical "average-great" one. This strong old-school, new-sound version uses all of these.
2013-07-12 Reba Wantagh, NY 13:03 Bizarre version. After swinging through the composed section, Trey augments his tone, and the pitch can easily be considered grating. But his playing remains distilled and deliberate, and, if nothing else, interesting. Any problems here, however, are offset by the others. Page is great. And Fish is a machine. But it is Mike who drives this version, his playing superb throughout, and, in spots, it seems as though he is running lead.
2013-07-12 Bowie Wantagh, NY 11:34 Another good one with multiple minor/major mode shifts. There's also some nice rhythmic shifting and percussive coloring from Fish from 6:53 - 7:57.
2013-07-12 R&R Wantagh, NY 19:02 All in all, a quality, multi-section jam. Mike, Page and Fish are strong throughout. If you can just mentally tone down Trey's frequent use of the pitch shifter, it's all good. > to "2001."
2013-07-12 Tweezer Wantagh, NY 12:33 Page drives the jam into an outstanding peak in the final few minutes, and an excellent segue into "Cities" occurs with Fish playing the rhythm of the "Wedge."
Jam chart versions are selected because of improvisational and other characteristics that distinguish these from typical versions of the song.
The jam chart team has highlighted some versions with a yellow background; these are the versions the team believes to be especially improvisational, or otherwise notable.
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