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Review by s1177375

s1177375 Please livephish.com release this soon. . .this and a few others like Cypress obvious but i think u guys are waiting on the band or 1 member to die or something cuz of how epic that 1 was. . .so give us 1998 every show above 4.0 from 97 8 or 99 i love 99 better than some fans it was dark and the jams very weird . . .like a mix of the funk of 97 with the crazy spastic energy of 93 . . .makes for 99 glory!
So you can just release all shows from 97 to 2000 and id buy every single one of them. This show takes the cake in many ways. It is my favorite MPP show and that is a big statement. . .w 9-17-2000 The Mango and the Theme are off the charts cool and a WITH to follow a FLUFF w lots of PILLS!!! Good man charlie Brown
8-15-09 is the only MPP show that is just bad period. Str8 terrible! And of course i had to attend. The show before was so good that is was expected to have rare bustouts but not to be . . .TTE is just a bad song and to end a terribly played set made it even worse. . .listen to that FOAM! It is like Coventry it is played w zero focus and that is a hard song to play i get that so ok then dont play it play the easy cord songs if u guys are off . . .but they made me so sad that night. . .OH SWEET Garbage! It was nuthin alright and the only fun was the new Party Time. . .the crowd had more energy than the band. . .the hands moving back and forth like we already knew the song. . .it was wierd how the audience picked it up like it was an oldie but goodie . . .only highlight was that and a hardcore rockin 46 days w no coal. 8-16-15 reminded me of 8-15-09 in that it had an amazing night prior and kept expectations HIGH really HIGH and then a big letdown show the 8-16 was a great show overall but compared to the previous it was not even in the same ballpark and of course i had ticket to 16 instead of 15 picked the wrong night AGAIN LOL and they played Slave mid set one of my top ten BIGGEST PET PEAVES about the placement and circulation is that choice. It belongs set 2 closer and that is it period. Or set 1 closer never mid and never opener . . .and the only other acceptable slot. . .encore final encore not first encore of multiples. . .Like S Coil it must be the final song before band exits stage left
6-26 and 27-2010 i saw both and of course 27 is the show to be at. . .the Aeroplane cover was a great soft song cover i loved that and love when i dont know a song. . .i thought it was a new phish tune at the time. So pretty. . .
FEFU is one of my favs so that and the Stash was nice and RnRoll was great jam
But the 27 was up there w this one . . .it was epic! Walfredo. . .the Saw it Again running theme the theme of Fear and Loathing I mean come on. . .finally my favorite Rolling Stone song. . .i like E Rescue and I like Shine a Light but JJFlash is THE song for Acid heads like me . . .the Brian and Robert tease in Antelope was so wierd and cool . . .a slow song guitar cords in a fast song like Antelope the juxtaposition is great
The guitar solo in Mellow Mood is one of my all time favorites and up there w the IT version Tela YEM and Fire I mean WOW what a show, , ,it almost beats this one . . .almost
6-11 and 12-11 are good ones to skip over. . neither is worth a 2nd listen. I went to night 2 so i got a Steam and a Boogie On and i love those songs but they did not make up for mediocre. . .Even a Sanity 1st Tube encore which is a great energetic encore was not enough to make up for mediocre show
7-13-13 Nice strange setlist and very well played but not worth going into much
Best 2 nights TOTAL though cuz combined w 14 it is a stellar MPP sandwhich maybe the best of all MPP shows . . debatable at least. . .of course I missed both in rehab at the time . . .Simple and HHood were the clear winners N1 and night 2 the whole show was amazing but highlights for me . . .amazing set 1 and that is rarer than should be. . .it had as much energy as set 2 and the Its Ice was so good!! The Mule into It was the songs of the night for me Twist was too short but the whole 2nd set from Light to Loving Cup was out of this world. . .
The other clear contender for sandwich MPPs ever is 2014. 26 was amazing in its own right then 27. . .27 is best show ever behind 8-8 and 6-27-2010 8-12-18 and 8-15-2015 the other top 5
I mean Steam Mango Light Roggae, Carini, Ghost, Harry Hood Suzy Wombat Wolfmans those are all great songs just on their own. . .in 1 show that is such a good setlist. Only The Line buzz kill for me. . .i love the buildup at the end of that song but that is about it. . .like Friday, only the end of the song is tolerable.
Then the tornado that was N2 . . .watch this WEBCAST the guys I been around dancing around following each other on stage like a silly game of tag. . .you can tell these guys had fun in MD that night! Feeling the Jennifer Dances lol what a shitty song love it
2015 it was all N1! I of course had the N2 ticket which had a Slave and a YEM a cool Bowie and a too quick Sally but the Slave like i said wrong order and bad encore choice unless they play Backwards for 20 min i dont dig as an encore . . .just an ok night. . .Sleeping Monkey. . either play it or dont. . .Tease it like that is just mean and not fun . . its torture for someone who has yet to hear it FOR REAL live yet. . .Golgi didnt even make up for it
but backwards down the number line lets review 15 instead
Simple is a great opener always!!!!Mcgrupp love that Gamehendge semi rarity I actually come to think of it LOVE every song in the 1st set. Blaze on my least favorite and even that one has wings most nights Roggae was on fire as was the LbL and BBFCFM . . .only critique really would be Martian Monster woulda made more sense to preceed BBFCFM a MARS sandwich but either is fun so idc really
Horn is one of my top ten songs of all time MFMF Hood YEM Lizards Maze Timber Horn oh yes
I dont like Halleys unless a long version so that was my only complaint for the show i have heard it too many times too poppy and so it gets old like Heavy Things or Bouncing AtRoom . .. when u hear it seemingly every show
46 Days, Steam, What's the Use?, Steam, Piper wow what a cool set 2. . .Sleeping Monkey I agree w Page way way underrated as middle of the road song. . .as is that song lol called middle of the road
ok winding down to 2018 11 was a skip over show. . .seemed like a good show on paper minus the Joy B and Burning and Home Set 2 and encore look great on paper but did not translate well and they didnt jam well night 1
They saved their energy for night 2 The most recent show thanks to Rain. . .is top 6 of all MPP shows and it will hold up well. . .Gin Torture and the Piper . . .nice nice Piper i love Piper when they jam it well. . .really psychedelic and glow stick worthy
So now to the only ones better than 8-12 8-15 6-27 7-14 9-17 are the 5 contenders but they all lost the boxing match to 1998 . . .hard year to beat
FUNK is hard to top
Sally was played at the show i went to 8-16, but she really didnt Sneak on 16. She snuck and cheated her ass off on 8-8!! Guyute played to perfection. The Wedge very nice opener up there w Simple or Free as great openers
Farmhouse such a great pop song!!! so well played
Sweet Jane. The Velvet U I love u guys so much. . . I Found a Reason is one of my top 40 songs of all time Jane not far behind
2001 Piper and Hood were played to masterful jam perfection. . .Hood especially for me . . .slow crashendo is so purrty. . .maybe one of the only Sexual Healing " fishman tune" we will ever hear for he likes to change it to new ones over the yrs and never return to a previous often . . except love u or terrapin lol those are his go to's
And what better to end a show with if a cover than Fire by Hendrix a After Midnight if Clapton a While my guitar if the Beatles or Blackbird and if Beastie Boys . . .maybe only Intergallactic or Root Down would top it. . .all 3 are stellar

Much love from MD my home state. I live in OH now and cant wait till Phish comes back to Cleveland or Pittsburgh (cant say enuf about that Caspian yes better than Magnaball Tweezer Prince to me) Shoulda gone to Nutter and it but the Pittsburgh has held me over thus far . . .Marissa Mike play that again i love that Gordon tune play it w Phish i mean though
MPP is a cool crab venue . . .nice rock outcrops of trees and beer stands it is a fun time. . .Blossom is even nicer though and made entirely out of wood for greater acoustics than most any venue . . .cuz it was designed for the Cleveland Philharmonic Orchestra


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