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Mockingbird Adds More Tour Grants

The Mockingbird Foundation is announcing its 20th round of Tour Grants, in celebration of Phish's 34 shows this summer and fall. Unsolicited $1,000 checks will be sent to a music program near each venue at which performs, part of a long-standing effort to help bring music from the Phish community to the local communities Phish touches. The $25,000 total continues a celebration of Mockingbird's 25th year, and is being announced in six batches.

The third group of recipients, in celebration of the last third of the summer tour (and including Dick's, arguably the third leg?), are:

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Welcome back from tour! Today we've got the 476th edition of Phish.Net's Mystery Jam Monday, the first of September - shout out to @sumac22 for the clip! The winner will receive an MP3 download code courtesy of our friends at / Nugs.Net. To win, be the first person to identify the song and date of the mystery jam. Each person gets one guess to start – if no one answers correctly in the first 24 hours, I'll post a hint. After the hint, everyone gets one more guess before Wednesday at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET. Stay safe!


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[This site is run entirely by volunteers as a project of The Mockingbird Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to raising funds for educating children and young adults in musical arts. This post is courtesy of Neve Spicer, who promotes arts education. -Ed.]

Art, music, and film move us, inspire us, and help us to see the world in new ways. Studying the arts does more than just bring us closer to the media we love, it can also be a gateway to personal, psychological, and cognitive benefits -- this is especially true for kids.

Research has shown that participation in arts education during childhood is linked with positive impacts to self esteem, collaborative skill, physical development, and even math and literacy skills. It is valuable contributions like these which are the driving force behind National Arts in Education Week, an annual arts-ed advocacy campaign sponsored by Americans for the Arts.


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With a flourish of effects-laden guitar and swampy keyboards, Phish’s triumphant return to concerts comes to a close, thus capping one of the most consistent and entertaining tours in recent memory. The thirtieth show at famed Dick’s Sporting Goods Field was a raucous, but beautifully played, night of music that could satisfy jaded vets and casual fans alike.

I had the pleasure of being in attendance for the tour opener in AR. While a tremendous amount of fun, a little rust was obvious (although I think a number of songs from that show set the table for what would be so successful this summer). I was excited to track this tour, as I knew I would be there for the end, if we got there of course. The concerns that many had were justified, and as other touring acts rescheduled or downright cancelled, Phish kept it up and had no health-related cancellations. That in itself should be cause for celebration.

Getting back to Dick’s is always magic. The routine (I have sat in the same seat since Saturday night of 2014), the Shakedown, the vibe… It came back like riding a bicycle. The undeniable two show punch at Shoreline had expectations sky high, and while not reaching those stratospheric heights, the band delivered three fantastically executed (if a touch uneven in flow at times) shows, culminating in tonight’s closer.

© 2021 Phish Scott Marks
© 2021 Phish Scott Marks


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[We would like to thank Denny Kinlaw, user @SaintAndrew, for last night's recap, his first Dick’s show. -Ed.]

Some venues simply flaunt their status as beacons of musical heritage upon the American landscape: the mythic aura of Madison Square Garden, the sublime scale of Alpine Valley, and the dingy intimacy of Hampton Coliseum all come to mind. To enter these venues is to enter into the mythos of rock n’ roll history. For Phish and their fans, these venues represent not only the ascendancy of a band that labored most of its career in the shadows of more commercially celebrated acts—with Phish finally “making it” on the main stages by 12/30/1994 and utterly destroying them by 12/30/1997—but stand out as perennial havens for a band that continues to achieve improvisational high-water marks thirty years into its career. While Dick’s Sporting Goods Park will never elicit the type of hushed reverence these historic venues tend to evoke, nor will anyone ever gasp with stilted breath “It’s magnificent” upon entering Dick's (See Gorge), it simply is the most important outdoor venue for mapping Phish’s shape-shifting achievements in the 3.0 era.

© 2021 Phish Rene Huemer
© 2021 Phish Rene Huemer


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You know it when you see it, but it is still hard to put into words. “It’s real, but, in a different way,” I might say to someone who asks what magic is, “Your eyes and ears say, ‘absolutely,’ while your brain and logic say, ‘that can’t be,’” and neither are correct. Or maybe both are. Magic fills us with a sense of wonder about the world: a sense that beyond the surface of somethings, all things, radiates whole other worlds of timelessness and innocence for us to observe, but only through the right lens.

Logic and rationality no longer seem applicable or appropriate when magic is around. Magic supplants a new reality---a much better one, I will add---to our existence. Phish shows are one such lens that shows us magic is real. Vibrations and light and people come together to form experiences and memories that transcend what daily life is like; for most, at least. And that’s magic. For three hours a night, a handful of nights a year, we can experience magic, and we did tonight.

© 2021 Phish - Rene Huemer (used with permission)
© 2021 Phish - Rene Huemer (used with permission)


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[We would like to thank user @ObviousFool (@Nice_Shades on IG), Silas Cole, for recapping last night's show. -Ed.]

Two weeks ago, we couldn’t believe that our first Phish shows in a year and a half were almost upon us; one week ago, we were uncertain if they would even happen, as we watched the Caldor Fire explode toward the shores of Lake Tahoe. But that was far from our primary concern, as we knew thousands of people were in danger of losing everything. As of this writing, officials are “cautiously optimistic” about improving conditions, but the threat remains very high. I urge you to donate whatever you can through The Waterwheel Foundation today. All funds will be donated to the Caldor Fire Fund through the El Dorado County Community Foundation.

And so, it was nothing short of a miracle, made possible by some consummate professionals within the Phish organization, that the shows were relocated to Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, CA. We are beyond grateful.

© 2021 Wombat Matt
© 2021 Wombat Matt


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[We would like to thank guest recapper user gr8phul Jon Harris. -Ed.]

Photo © Phish, by Rene Huemer
Photo © Phish, by Rene Huemer

As we know the Tahoe shows had to be cancelled and moved to a new venue due to the Caldor Fire. First the shows were to be moved to the Greek Theater in Berkeley, but ultimately that did not happen and Shoreline it is. Now no one wants to go to Shoreline, we go because that's where Phish is playing. Not to say that Phish hasn't delivered hugely in the past at Shoreline, compared to being in Tahoe or in the magical Greek, Shoreline is sort of a letdown.

However, before we get to the music, I want to please ask all of you reading this to donate to Waterwheel as the money they raise will be going to help the people affected by the fires.

Now onto the music!


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Sunday night was my 22nd time making the walk from Thunderdome along the Sagecliff Saunter to the fabled Gorge Amphitheater to see and hear Phish do what they do. It is a special place, one of the greatest pocket amphitheaters ever, neatly hewn into the fabric of the rock that lines the walls of the canyon that towers over the Wanapum Lake segment of the Columbia River. No matter how many times I crest the rise and see the view behind the stage, I am never without the awe that the sheer majesty of the channeled scablands and the iridescent sky beyond deserve. If you still haven’t had the opportunity to see Phish at the Gorge, please add it to your bucket list, you are unlikely to be disappointed by the experience. This recap on the other hand, no guarantees.

Sixteen years prior to Sunday night’s show, I was sitting on a 36-foot sailboat, spinning in circles while becalmed in the mid-Pacific high, which had abnormally expanded due to Hurricane Katrina pulling all the available wind on the planet into her maw to lay waste to the gulf coast of Louisiana and beyond. At the same time, I learned on our daily satellite phone check in with family, a couple of my dearest friends were celebrating the birth of their second child Zevariah. As we made our way together into the show on Sunday, I pointed out the bizarrely synchronous events unfolding as Hurricane Ida attempted to do the same thing to Louisiana as he turned sixteen. Not to be outdone, Phish responded with a collection of songs to open the first set that were eerily on point. Sure, I’m ignoring "Cool Amber and Mercury", but "Moma Dance" is a sailing song, "Free" is a sailing and birth giving song, and "Lonely Trip" is a sailing song. I see you seeing me you guys. We appreciated the distinct nod.

Photo © Phish, by Jake Silco (used with permission)
Photo © Phish, by Jake Silco (used with permission)


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[ welcomes back guest recapper Oliver Pierson for writing this recap. -Ed.]

Photo © Phish 2021 (JAKE SILCO)
Photo © Phish 2021 (JAKE SILCO)

Rolling into the Saturday show at the Gorge after a beautiful day in Central Washington, I felt all kinds of excitement. Night one’s patient jamming, bust-outs, and the best ever version of "Mull" were behind us, and seemed plausible that the band had now shaken off what little rust may have built up between Atlantic City and the Gorge and was ready to come out swinging. I’m a Vermonter and this Gorge run is my first west coast Phish, but I had been intrigued about seeing the band play in the pacific northwest since I first listened to the 10/13/1991 Olympia Surf Club show where Trey made a point in the Gamehendge narration at the band’s second show in Washington to comment twice about the beauty of the surroundings, and the sense of awe that I always feel out here is noticeable in his voice. Coming over that last rise at the venue before Friday night’s show, and reaching the spot where you first see the stage, the Columbia river, and the eroded canyon walls in the background provoked an exclamatory “wow” from me, and the guy walking next to me said “is this your first time here?” Yes, and I was stoked. Back to Saturday, our crew settled in at the bottom of the terraces Mike-side, waited for the sun to set over the ridge, and made our list of songs with a high show gap that we hoped to hear. And besides being a spectacular venue, I was impressed by the sheer number of vendors inside the venue, perhaps because the beer lines at Hershey two weeks ago required a 45-minute investment. Hello local craft beer tent with great selections and no line!


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[ welcomes back guest recapper Suzy Barros for writing this recap. -Ed.]

Photo © Phish 2021 (JAKE SILCO)
Photo © Phish 2021 (JAKE SILCO)

First things first---everyone needs to come see a show at the Gorge, full stop. If you have access to a private jet or can find a reasonably inexpensive airfare, come tonight. It’s always been lurking there on the tour dates page, staring at me and silently judging me for bypassing it for all these other reasonably fine venues (but are they the GORGE). Its untrammeled nature at its finest and even though seeing Phish at the Gorge doesn’t change the fact that we are living on planet earth in 2021, it makes it a hell of a lot more tolerable.


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Mockingbird Announces More Tour Grants

The Mockingbird Foundation is announcing its 20th round of Tour Grants, in celebration of Phish's 34 shows this summer and fall. Unsolicited $1,000 checks will be sent to a music program near each venue at which performs, part of a long-standing effort to help bring music from the Phish community to the local communities Phish touches. The $25,000 total continues a celebration of Mockingbird's 25th year, and is being announced in six batches.

The second group of recipients, in celebration of the second half of the first summer tour leg, are:

Thursday 08/19/2021 by Lemuria

Mockingbird Announces Roggae Rose

We are beyond thrilled to announce The Roggae Rose, produced and sold by one of California’s top winemakers and fellow phan Pax Mahle! This delicious rose is a blend of 60% Gamay and 40% Pinot Noir, which are the two traditional red grape varietals in France’s Burgundy and also thrive in California. The wine was made using whole clusters, which adds an extra dimension of complexity. It is 12.5% alcohol, which is perfect when you need something a bit on the lighter side.

Pax Mahle has generously committed to donate 100% of the profits to The Mockingbird Foundation to help support children’s music education. The wine is $24 per bottle and can be ordered here.

Pax started Pax Wines in 2000 working with cooler climate vineyards in Sonoma County and Mendocino. At Pax Wines, winemaking is approached holistically. This is done by taking care to use only grapes that are grown without the use of chemicals and by hand-making their wines with as little intervention as possible.

The full lineup of wines currently available can be found here. If you order 12+ bottles, you receive 50% off shipping. Please note, it is a good idea to air ship the wines as it is still warm outside these days. Further details can be found on the order page.

We hope you enjoy this wine as much as we do. It should pair beautifully while listening to a wonderful Summer or Fall concert!

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Mockingbird Back To School Campaign

The Mockingbird Foundation hopes you are enjoying the Summer, and staying healthy and safe. As of now, it appears that the majority of schools will be having students back in the classrooms this Fall. Luckily, many places are still taking precautions where warranted to help ensure the safety of students and teachers.

Meanwhile, however, the music programs at many institutions have had their budgets cut significantly these past 18 months. It was already a struggle for them, and now the need is becoming rather dire. It is sad to see so many schools deem programs such as music education almost unnecessary. We know that is not the case, as we have observed firsthand how music education improves the lives of children. We have seen just that hundreds of times.

We at The Mockingbird Foundation have started a Back to School Campaign to help ensure that music programs will be coming back on the right track. We aim to raise $50,000 this August to help support children's music education throughout the country. An incredibly generous donor has agreed to match the first $25,000 of donations, and a donation of any amount will help us reach our goal. Thank you.

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$25k In Tour Grants Coming!

The Mockingbird Foundation is announcing its 20th round of Tour Grants, in celebration of Phish's 34 shows this summer and fall. Unsolicited $1,000 checks will be sent to a music program near each venue at which performs, part of a long-standing effort to help bring music from the Phish community to the local communities Phish touches. The $25,000 total continues a celebration of Mockingbird's 25th year, and will be announced in six batches.

The first group of recipients are:

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20 Years Since Sharin'!

Twenty years ago today, the Mockingbird Foundation released the double-disc Sharin' in the Groove, featuring 23 artists who (with their studios, managers, producers, and more) donated their time gratis to record a Phish cover and help fundraise for music education for children. CDs still sell, believe it or not, and the digital tracks continue to raise grant funds every week, even 20 years later - and we encourage you to pick it up, at any of the 80+ outlets for it, from Amazon and the Apple Store to Spotify and beyond.

Sharin' in the Groove was unusual, as "tribute" albums go. Above all, the performers aren't bands influenced by Phish - it's the bands, acts, and genres that influenced Phish, from school bands (high school orchetra and college marching band) to the international champion barbershop quartet, and every manner of jazz, funk, soul, rock, pop, ballad, and more in between: Little Feat (who recorded "Sample in a Jar", then took it on the road) and the Wailers (doing their first track in over a decade, with their original producer); members of Talking Heads and Los Lobos; Son Seals and Arlo Guthrie - and Jimmy Buffet, with his entire Coral Reef Band.

And it's organized like a show, opening with a clean and vibrant cover of "Bouncin'" by Arlo Guthrie playing with a band that includes 2 of his kids, winding its way through a solid first set CD, then diving into some weirdness for set (CD) two - such as drum-n-bass masters Lake Trout reimagining a chunk of Picture of Nectar, and Japanese oddity The Boredoms mashing up "Free" and "End of Session" - before finishing out with the "Golgi" encore.

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Mockingbird Celebrates Pride

LA LGBT Youth CenterIn celebration of Pride Month, an all-volunteer nonprofit founded and run entirely by Phish fans has announced an unsolicited $1,500 grant to the Los Angeles LGBT Center's Youth Services. The Mockingbird Foundation grant will support musical arts programming for approximately 120 youth. is a non-commercial project run by Phish fans and for Phish fans under the auspices of the all-volunteer, non-profit Mockingbird Foundation.

This project serves to compile, preserve, and protect encyclopedic information about Phish and their music.

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