Jam Chart for Makisupa Policeman (34 entries)

Date City Timing Notes
1984-10-23 Burlington, VT 0:00 Debut. Recording does not circulate.
1984-12-01 Burlington, VT 7:26 -> in from "Fire On The Mountain" ("FOTM"), and some "FOTM" jamming continues in the first part, until finally everyone is playing "Makisupa". The jam has a nice reggae feel and some fun banter. The playing is very standard, however; this mostly sounds like some very talented college kids goofing off, but the version is worth hearing for precisely that reason.
1985-11-14 Burlington, VT 5:03 Acoustic! Trey introduces Page, and then the song drifts and > "Piggies."
1985-11-14 Burlington, VT 3:34 -> in from "Piggies." Trey remains on acoustic guitar. There's a very good accelerating jam, reminiscent of many of Trey's early compositions, starting at 0:40. -> "Drums."
1987-04-29 Burlington, VT 7:25 This version features a short jam with nice interplay between Page on the organ and Trey starting after 2:30; it's lilting and pretty. Then it sort of plods along for a few minutes, but a nice second jam emerges at about 5:30. Good -> "Antelope," too.
1987-05-11 Burlington, VT 9:01 Slow, slow tempo. What sounds like a harmonica is played in the early part of the jam, maybe by Page? The jam then gets spacey with echo effects employed; it's kind of a dumb jam but enjoyable nevertheless, and in that sense, captures the spirit of "Makisupa" beautifully.
1987-08-21 Hebron, NY 10:56 A supremely odd version. "Makisupa" proper begins more than six minutes in, after the "Stir It Up Jam" comes to a full stop. The first few minutes feature Trey ad libbing, lyrics over a loose, playful jam. It's mostly weird, but the last minute of the jam is a long, magnificent segue -> "David Bowie."
1987-08-29 South Burlington, VT 11:26 Long, playful jam. The highlight is an absolutely gorgeous solo by Trey around 7:20-9:40.
1987-09-02 Burlington, VT 10:35 This version is slower than 8/29/87, with crashing percussion throughout most of the jam; it remains pretty spacey throughout. Around 6:20, an ethereal jam develops, built around a Trey solo and some lovely accompaniment by Page. Much of this version sounds like screwing around, but the best part has some real power.
1987-09-21 Burlington, VT 10:32 As is typical in this era, a very pretty jam begins around 5:40 and lasts for a few minutes. Gorgeous version, one of the best.
1993-04-29 Montréal, Québec, Canada 2:47 -> in from "Weekapaug." "Makisupa" makes its first appearance in 320 shows (last seen on 11/26/90), amidst a strong "Weekapaug." -> back to "Weekapaug."
1994-06-19 Kalamazoo, MI 8:23 Excellent version. Reggae sounding and effects laden jam around 2:20 that goes on for a few minutes. A jam resembling a "DDL" jam (which doesn't actually include any loops) emerges around 6:30 out of the vocal reprise, and eventually works its way back into a second vocal reprise.
1994-10-29 Spartanburg, SC 6:31 -> in from "Buffalo Bill." After 3:00, this "Makisupa" breaks into some great '94-style jamming, spacey at first, then hard rocking with a great -> to "Rift."
1994-12-01 Salem, OR 2:37 -> in from "BBFCFM" as this medley of songs sandwiched by "Tweezer" continues.
1995-07-02 North Fayston, VT 8:01 Nice segue in from "Runaway Jim". It starts with a typical effects laden jam, followed by a second jam after the vocal reprise, starting around 5:30. Trey uses the same effect as he does in early renditions of "Free." Gets spacey in the last minute as Fish and Page lead a spammy but cool jam that -> "SOAMule." This version has the sound of Summer '95 and is among the very best.
1995-11-30 Dayton, OH 7:07 Spry, tropical sounding jamming, with some especially strong percussion -- Trey moves over to the kit for a while. Excellent, extended transition > "Antelope."
1997-07-25 Dallas, TX 8:39 A strong jam emerges beginning at 6:20. It's bluesy at first and then moves to a gentle, down-tempo rock jam, typical of '97 Phish, beginning around 7:27. Nice -> "AC/DC Bag."
1997-11-19 Champaign, IL 10:56 An extended, effects laden space jam begins around 5:45 and comes to a climax at 9:36, then drops right back into "Makisupa". Excellent version.
1998-07-20 Ventura, CA 9:01 This funky version segues out of a funky "Drowned." There's a breakdown for Mike and a sweet little solo around 4:40 from Trey, and a spacey ambient jam for about a minute at the end.
1999-07-25 Noblesville, IN 4:15 The typically good natured "Makisupa" takes a comedic turn into "Happy Birthday" to celebrate CK5's birthday, replete with "rasta style" playing, a Mike bass solo, humor from Trey and Fish, and a CK5 light solo.
1999-07-25 Noblesville, IN 0:45 "Makisupa" resumes to complete a fun filled birthday sandwich version in honor of CK5.
1999-09-28 Pelham, AL 8:16 This has an extended jam, as many in '99 do with whistling in the long jam segment. Some nice melodic playing from Mike, including a passage that sounds quite a bit like "Stir It Up" after the six minute mark.
1999-10-04 Normal, IL 6:37 Strong version. There's a delicate, staccato solo by Trey at 1:55, and a short, up tempo jam around 4:00-4:40, led by Page. Good outro jam too, with, again, some jamming reminiscent of "Stir It Up". A spacey jam emerges out of the end of "Makisupa."
2000-06-23 Atlanta, GA 6:07 Trey plays a spry, gentle solo that starts off lilting and pretty and then speeds up without ever losing its light feel. The version also has a nice vocal reprise and a decent outro.
2003-01-03 Hampton, VA 7:04 This version has a cool little jam, that is laid back and spacey. Trey provides some engaging noodling after the five minute mark.
2003-07-17 Bonner Springs, KS 5:08 This has a more active jam than most, with some lead organ by Page and a Trey solo four minutes in that is based on "Dust in the Wind." A strong version overall.
2003-12-30 Miami, FL 2:10 A short version that precedes the "P-Funk Medley." It comes to a full stop, as Trey banters about Fish singing "Touch Me" and then invites P-Funk on stage.
2003-12-30 Miami, FL 1:23 "Makisupa" is reprised after P-Funk leaves the stage. Fish sings a line from "Touch Me."
2009-08-08 George, WA 7:16 There's a long, bluesy solo by Trey at around 3:30 and Trey and Mike switch instruments thereafter. Good, antics-filled version.
2010-10-26 Manchester, NH 1:49 To commemorate the passing of reggae artist Gregory Isaacs the night before, the band play "Night Nurse" as a sandwich in the middle of this "Makisupa." -> to "Night Nurse."
2010-10-26 Manchester, NH 1:29 -> in from "Night Nurse" to wrap up a double reggae themed tribute.
2011-05-28 Bethel, NY 7:35 An energetic, funky jam emerges at around 5:30 after some chanting on "House." This is a fun, well-played version.
2013-11-01 Atlantic City, NJ 8:11 Another fun, funky version with "Kush" and "Bush" chanting, lots of weirdness, and a few genuinely musically impressive passages interspersed here and there.
2016-12-29 New York, NY 9:57 This version starts with fun banter and slips into a breezy, mostly bass-led jam. At around 4:40, Trey moves over to the Marimba Lumina, and then Mike and finally Page join in and a full-on percussion jam develops. It's enjoyable, but typical of the percussion excursions of '16. At around 9:20 the drumming stops on a dime and the band drops right back into Makisupa, finishing off the most musically significant version of the song since 11/19/97.
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