Mound was unfinished and the set had to be stopped mid-stream due to a strong incoming thunderstorm. Prior to leaving the stage, Trey introduced his guitar tech, Brian Brown. Trey also repeatedly said "Storm" several times and then, apparently referring to a sign that a fan was holding, said "we will play that song but not tonight because we don't know it. And that's the honest truth. One of these days." To open set two, Mound was started mid-song, more or less where the band had left off to close set one. Tweezer's lyrics were changed to reference the weather. Funky Bitch contained Birdwatcher teases. Kung was performed a cappella.
The Birdwatcher tease in Funky Bitch
Debut Years (Average: 1992)

This show was part of the "2011 Early Summer Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2011-06-15

Review by ajcmixer

ajcmixer Whatever is said 'bout this show, say that CK met his match. Mother Nature beat him, hands down, no contest, she is still raging as I write, if it had been ANY other building in this torrential crap, I would have been legitimately worried 'bout my safety, the safety of the structure and, therefore, the safety of everybody else within striking range of the still-continuing destructive storms still ripping thru a major portion of the US. This was some and still is serious stuff, as evidenced by they're having to abandon the stage as the storm ripped yet again thru the area and lesser bands would have literally tossed in the towel. But a great band proves themselves not during the great time but during the hard times and this had to be both challenging and stressful to everyone involved.

Amazing that while all this chaos was (and is) occurring, the band soldiered on. Paul and Silas started the party going 78RPM then Back on the Train slowed back into a 33 1/3RPM groove going on and signaled good things ahead. Unfortunately, that did not include the weather, LOL!

As much as I was trying to pay attention to what was happening on stage, I personally found it impossible to watch or really as much attention as I ordinarily would due to what was happening 'round the perimeter of the roof so someone else would be better served to comment on the rest of the set. One thing for sure, I was grateful beyond belief that I had a GA Pit seat tonight. And during the worse of it I still got soaked, the wind were WHIPPING thru the venue every which way as the storms swirled 'round us.

After they did resume, of which they got on the PA at least twice to keep the crowd as advised as possible, they picked up right where they had to leave off with Mound. I always write Tweezer off, not wanting to be pining for my favorite song but, once again, just when I least expected it, they ripped it. And the same for everything else, each song a virtual set closer onto itself, Slave, Bowie, wow. Trey cutting off Paige towards the end of an enormously celebratory Suzy, it sounded like Paige and Trey were good-naturedly ribbing each other before bringing the house down at its conclusion. Gotta Jibboo did, big time, the pit becoming one big amoeba swaying back and forth to the rhythm section while Trey and Paige tinkled with our ears. Hood soared, Character Zero, exhausting. The Birdwatcher was beyond hilarious as everyone could tell and Kung, yet another set-closing sounding song that actually ended up being the set closer.

Funky Bitch>Tweezer Reprise. Pretty self-explanatory IMHO.

Just like the great magicians, opps, I meant musicians, they've learned from their predecessors: Leave 'em smiling. Mission accomplished. Too bad they had to compete with the Mother of all Mothers. If I had to rate 'em, Sunday Merriweather is still the winner out of seven seen on this tour so far but they tried their hearts out and still had a great time on stage doing so but the side, and perhaps the main, story will be the weather and, with that, how a band has continued to persevere thru its own stormy weather to emerge as one that, apparently, is happy with itself. And one that wants us to be happy. See you in Charlotte.

, attached to 2011-06-15

Review by ajcmixer

ajcmixer BTW, didn't mention it before but Julius roared. And, despite the weather, Phish won. Again.

, attached to 2011-06-15

Review by BrotherEarth

BrotherEarth Underrated show, IMHO. Not one to listen to from start to finish, as the storm interruption is definitely a bummer, but the meat of the second set, Tweezer > Julius > Slave to the Traffic Light, David Bowie, Suzy Greenberg > Gotta Jibboo > Harry Hood > Character Zero contains some of the most high energy Phish I've ever heard / witnessed.

This show is not about exploratory jams, or even Phunk (dont be fooled by seeing Gotta Jibboo in there) this is Phish pouring out more energy than a raging thunderstorm.

As a bonus, this has a perfectly in the moment "Paul and Silas" a raging Timber, and a completely over the top Funky Bitch.

There is so much energy flowing out of these sections that Tweezer Reprise actually seems mellow by comparison.

A unique show for the first half of Summer 2011.
, attached to 2011-06-15

Review by AmblingAntelope1

AmblingAntelope1 My first show, and I caught the phever on the first notes of Paul & Silas. Forgive the cliche, but it is no understatement to say I had the time of my life. Unbelievable vibes from start to finish. Huge thanks to everybody for your warmth and acceptance; the Phish community is truly a brotherhood, and as soon as I stepped into the amphitheater that night, I was embraced as a brother. I made more lasting emotional connections in 3 hours at a Phish show than I have in 17 years in joke. Each and every person I came into contact with that night somehow played his own part in making June 15, 2011 absolutely unforgettable. If you were there and you happen to remember chilling with a redhead kid with a yellow and black tie dye shirt and a blue walker, that was me...please don't hesitate to shoot me a message when you've got a second.

Damn...not to get all sentimental or anything....

Anyway, here I am, just another high school kid from Suburbia whose life was changed by Phish. I swore I'd never be a slave to the capitalistic machine, and yet I find myself working 8 or 9 hours a day this summer, trying to scrape up enough dough for the New Year's Run and the 2012 summer tour...

All because there is, for my money, nothing like a Phish show.
, attached to 2011-06-15

Review by nicu2

nicu2 2nd night way better than the 1st despite the storm.......I had pav. seats and still got soaked along with everyone else last night, but it was worth it! The energy was way better compared to the first show which felt as if they were playing for the cameras/stream. Don't get me wrong the 1st night had some highlights but the second night had the energy.

I was at the 7/14/2000 show in Ohio and the Walnut Creek show, and this storm was worse than they were. But just as they did at those shows they treated us to a great experience after the storm had passed.....well kinda passed!

To the nay sayers.....Last night was my 199th show. I started with the boys back in 92 and "I never looked back at all." While of course things are different than they use to be, still appreciate the band for what they do.......I am willing to bet that you would have all loved a "Shitty Show" than the nothing we got for 5 years.

The show energetic and tons of fun.......Shakedown got destroyed and I feel bad for everyone who got their tent's and products destroyed. Trey in old school flannel brought back some memories as well. Not their best show ever, but def. not even close to their worst! Thanks guys!!!!
, attached to 2011-06-15

Review by waxbanks

waxbanks yeah, 'birdwatcher' was completely screwed up from the first note - you can hear trey struggling to keep it together through the tune. 'kung' is the band's way of venting their embarrassment.

, attached to 2011-06-15

Review by GAphishin

GAphishin Phat has it down. The rain, the wind, the fallen trees, the music. To overcome and to come back is the generosity and typical persona of this band that I love. Anyone else would have left the stage, hung up the guitars and called it a night; Yet, the band was diligent and kept their word. I will comment later on the music, for I need to listen to it again. The experience was so much about the setting throughout most of the evening. What a way to experience the first rains we in Atlanta had had in what felt like an eternity!
, attached to 2011-06-15


PHATTSKIS OK--so outside of what everyone has said, I want to share some thoughts. Watching this show on webcast would have prolly left me a bitt miffed at the band--I haven't listened to the show yet--but it still resonates in my mind as one of the hands down most epic shows I have seen--EPIC doesn't always have to refer to the show itself--Momma Nature was the 6th member of the band that night. Her interplay, anger, and unrelenting self kicked our asses into submission and brought the house under the shed. In a seriously overcrowded, bone drenched, foggy and steamy second set, the band gave us a "greatest hits" set of songs only "the cooler than you PHiSH heads" would complain about.

Stopped in traffic because of hail and high winds was not a good omen from the get-go. The rain let up long enough to tease us into thinking it might pass as we walked into the venue. With its "lightning crashed and the thunder roared" poking a big stick in the eye of the storm, I felt like, oh no, we are gonna get it again for sure. That happened soon enough. Back on the Train brought out the groove into the damp crowd and was totally phun. Foam is my favorite song and actually made me forget the nastiness before the show--my girlfriend was more thrilled than I was to get the song b/c she knew I was stoked.

The rain started again and lightning interplayed around and within (it seemed) the music. It was dumping buckets when Timber was in its ragiest of raging moments and I was watching a street light outside the venue as the lighting was striking all around the sky.

Fast forward past the nastiness back to the music--Tweezer took the cold and wet crowd to another universe--drying our souls out with a serious groove. I knew it wasn't over but was like "screw it, lets boogie!" Julius came on like a life raft and had everyone screaming again! During Bowie, the lightning was getting stronger again and seemed to be matching Fish's drum kicks in its flashing and subsequent thunder rolls. Awesome. Totally awesome. A great mid set Suzy went into Jibboo which I totally loved. Harry out of Jibboo was totally well placed and played. it seemed each song in the second set was trying to outdo itself and its predecessor as one full of heat to dry out the soaked and cold crowd.

Now, you may laugh at this. In 113 shows I have seen 31 Character Zero's and hated that song. Up until this night. When it started after a mindmelting Hood, I was floored. Could not fathom how they would do that to us after the rain, the one-up after one-up in the post rain set. I think Character Zero was finally played like it should be. Finally. The crowd was going completely insane and the band picked up on it. I really didn't want it to end before it was over. I am still tripping on the fact that I am admitting that. I don't really know what else to say except my mind has changed and Mr Mulcahey and I are now phriends after fighting for 15 years. ((OK--Brian and Robert or Frankie Sez are the only two holdouts in my "sh*tty PHiSH tunes" category and I don't think that any amount of rain, people, or epic show will change that opinion. Speak up if you have an opinion about that!! hahahaa))

Walking into the show talking to my posse about what I wanted to hear, I looked at my girlfriend and said, well I brought my funky bitch. That really made her jump and twirl!

I don't have a rating for this one b/c in my opinion it can't be graded. I have no idea what the band felt like, what they thought WE felt like, but the idea that they didn't call the show, waited patiently like we did, and came back out during a deluge and ripped up a greatest hits show like that puts it over the top, in my opinion--regardless of the song durations or not reaching moments like previous shows. EACH show is EPIC in my opinion. After seeing them grow over the past 18 years its hard not to think that EACH time I see them might be the last, and I just try to make the best of it. Like laughing along with Trey and Fish when they all messed up Birdwatcher.

I love this band and will not stop until they do. Again. It will happen. See them as many times as you can. Rain, sleet, snow or shine. GO TO THE SHOW.
, attached to 2011-06-15

Review by LawnBoy0925

LawnBoy0925 i dont get it.. was i at the same show??? this show imo was a flop. The energy was NOT there, given the circumstances of the evening. I recommend listening to Timber, thats all......
, attached to 2011-06-15

Review by BrotherEarth

BrotherEarth Thumbs up to PHATTSKIS for his excellent review of the show. I was there, and PHATTSKIS nailed the show - 100%.

Avoid J_D_G's anti Phish 3.0 rant "Alpharetta 2 Recap". It has no details about the show, and simply trashes Phish 3.0 for not being Phish 1.0.
, attached to 2011-06-15

Review by mwfowle

mwfowle "When the rain washes you clean; you will know."
, attached to 2011-06-15

Review by Frankster

Frankster This show conjured up images of Walnut Creek with Hurricane winds, sideways rain and crashing thunder and lightning everywhere. Unfortunately this show doesn't hold the jock strap to that legendary show. I thought for sure Mother Nature would push the boys into the dark unknown but it was not to be. I found the entire 1st set to very boring minus a raging Timber. Oh well this stoppage due to weather will surely get them fired up right? Wrong. They returned from the worst storm I have ever seen at any show to play a nice, solid set of Phish. Every song was played really well minus Birdwatcher so there is no reason to complain. However, compared to most second sets of the tour this one was just to predictable. If your an old school phan from the early 90's this is your cup of tea. I prefer coffee but I still enjoy a cup of tea every once in a while.

Final Verdict: Solid workman like performance. 5/10 stars
, attached to 2011-06-15

Review by fhqwhgads

fhqwhgads The rain really was torrential this evening. This show feels solidly average-great to me, maybe even not quite as electric as the night before at the same venue, but still Trey manages to put on a clinic with his less-than-a-year-old Ocedoc and elimination of the Digitech-Whammy whale-call. I think you know you've got a 3.0 show where Phish is feeling confident if they attempt Foam! It's neat to me that Mound gets kind of bisected by the rain delay. And you can hear the highly coveted "a cappella segue" (LOL) from The Birdwatcher -> Kung. This show's absolutely worth listening to if you want to hear an example of what Phish can do despite an "act of God," as well as a good illustration of where Trey's playing was at during this juncture in Phishtory.
, attached to 2011-06-15

Review by TheEmperorJoker

TheEmperorJoker Highlights: Timber (HOly moly), Paul and Silas

Most of the show was radio Phish.

We are all lucky to be alive.
, attached to 2011-06-15

Review by thechad90000

thechad90000 Well the storm is obviously the story of this show. Standing ankle deep in water in the pit was a new crazy experience and Phish came out with a bunch of heavy hitters in the 2nd set that just didn't seem to flow together all that much. Everything was well played and was great but the flow just wasn't there as it was apparent they were trying to just bust out some big songs for the night, which was still very much appreciated. The highlights of this show are Jim and Timber.
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