Jam Chart for shows in the city of Holmdel, NJ (27 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1994-07-02 Divided Holmdel, NJ 15:16 A classically high power '94 version which wastes no time kicking into gear, includes great trilling and rapid-fire action from Trey, strong B-3 from Page near the ending, and thunderous Fish throughout.
1994-07-02 FEFY Holmdel, NJ 6:44 With his tone dialed in perfectly, Trey patiently builds in both pitch and intensity upon the typical "FEFY" theme to a climactic catharsis of melodic magnificence. As with many '94 "FEFY"s, > "SOAMule."
1994-07-02 Tweezer Holmdel, NJ 11 Lots of siiick soloing from Trey.
1994-07-02 Weekapaug Holmdel, NJ 11:14 Thrilling version which peaks with the melody of "2001" and also teases "Antelope" in the jam.
1994-07-02 McGrupp Holmdel, NJ 9:29 The jam section begins with good energy, settles, then rebuilds with Trey, Mike, Fish and the audience contributing rhythmic support. Then there's a brief "Landlady"-like section before the tension mounts and finally breaks as the closing section begins.
1999-07-15 Farmhouse Holmdel, NJ 9:46 Great extended "Type I" version which demonstrates the song's potential as a straightforward jamming vehicle. Here, the jam moves beyond the typical Page/Trey interplay to a full-band swing with a relaxed beginning that builds in power to a soaring crescendo.
1999-07-15 YEM Holmdel, NJ 23:58 Killer jam segment! (Available on LiveBait Vol. 04) (No B&D.)
1999-07-15 Meatstick Holmdel, NJ 20:42 Coasts along in a low-key ambient groove, picks up energy and direction at about 16 minutes, and then returns to more of the same easygoing jamming until > to a very strong "SOAM." Longest version to date.
1999-07-15 SOAMelt Holmdel, NJ 10:30 Epic, exploratory "SOAM" -> "Kung" -> "Jam." "SOAM" has excellent tempo shifts and dissonance before the -> to a wild "Kung," which leads to an incredible, multi-part groove-based jam (and which is really a return to "SOAM").
1999-07-15 Kung Holmdel, NJ 3:02 Epic, exploratory "SOAM" -> "Kung" -> "Jam." "SOAM" has excellent tempo shifts and dissonance before the -> to a wild "Kung," which leads to an incredible, multi-part groove-based jam (and which is really a return to "SOAM").
1999-07-15 Jam Holmdel, NJ 16:59 Epic, exploratory "SOAM" -> "Kung" -> "Jam." "SOAM" has excellent tempo shifts and dissonance before the -> to a wild "Kung," which leads to an incredible, multi-part groove-based jam (and which is really a return to "SOAM").
1999-07-15 CDT Holmdel, NJ 12:09 Some raging Trey in this high energy, extended jam that never quite breaks free from "CDT," but rocks HARD, including an accelerated tempo towards the end.
1999-07-16 Mike's Holmdel, NJ 12:20 A solid, mellow groove jam, with a fair amount of "Manteca"-like melodic playing from Trey. The energy level gradually builds, but the jam is generally pretty even sloped. Although there is a brief 2nd jam, it's little more than a quiet transition to "Hydrogen."
1999-07-16 Weekapaug Holmdel, NJ 10:36 A nice funky breakdown groove with strong Mike and Page concludes with Trey teasing "2001" several times before returning to "Weekapaug" to wrap up.
2000-06-28 Taste Holmdel, NJ 11:22 Fish adeptly intensifies the percussive effects to compliment Trey's very spirited soloing.
2000-06-28 Gin Holmdel, NJ 17:09 Excellent and exultant "Gin." The jam breaks into a funky groove that grows increasingly rocking and uplifting. Though it never gets far removed from "Gin" proper, the jam has magical, spirit-moving power.
2000-06-28 If I Could Holmdel, NJ 7:18 Magnificent set-closing version.
2000-06-28 Jibboo Holmdel, NJ 10:56 Another strong summer '00 straightforward "Gotta Jibboo," which ebbs and flows like the best of them. Tightly played, and the band doesn't hold back anything from its bag of tricks.
2000-06-28 Mike's Holmdel, NJ 11:27 Bad ass dark and stormy groove-based jam which eventually comes to a complete stop, pauses for more than a few, and resumes right where it left off.
2000-06-29 LxL Holmdel, NJ 12:35 Very solid with excellent playing by Trey. The intensity modulates up and down in the jam, with two enormous peaks.
2000-06-29 Drowned Holmdel, NJ 18:25 Great version with an upbeat, pulsing jam that morphs into a celebratory, "Gin"-on-steroids-like section that segues seamlessly into "Rock And Roll."
2000-06-29 BOAF Holmdel, NJ 13:40 "A Love Supreme" tease. Around 7:50, the jam migrates away from "Birds" into a deep and somewhat dark groove-based jam. Unfinished with solid -> to "Catapult."
2000-06-29 Sand Holmdel, NJ 16:58 Dark jam with Trey on the keyboard for a good portion and effects/loops throughout.
2011-05-31 After Midnight Holmdel, NJ 11:16 The jam tracks "After Midnight" fairly closely for a stretch, then around 9:00 it breaks into a nice upbeat groove which swiftly settles down.
2011-06-01 No Quarter Holmdel, NJ 9:50 Debut of the "Led Zeppelin" classic emerges > from a foggy "Tweezer".
2011-06-01 BDTNL Holmdel, NJ 9:50 Fiery and rocking "Type I" version with a nice big peak.
2013-07-10 C&P Holmdel, NJ 16:06 Trey seems less interested in the typical type-I shred fest and more interested in a nice space funk jaunt. He sits back on rhythm, but his lack of presence in the lead position does not cause this jam to suffer. Gordon and Page bring a lot fresh ideas and deliver a jam that never lacks direction or focus.
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